Excursions and walks in the surrounding areas of Villa la Bianca

From the easier and more relaxing walks to the more demanding pathways, from group excursions to made-to-measure itineraries, the surrounding areas of Villa La Bianca are suited to everyone’s needs and can offer unique experiences in the magical woodland areas and views that will surprise you at every turn.
To create the best itineraries and to accompany you in the excursion you choose, Villa la Bianca uses the expertise of Veronica Arrosti, a nature and walking guide who - in complete safety and with all necessary technical assistance - will point out the natural, anthropological and cultural aspects you encounter on your route. Together with Veronica you will discover hidden caves and fascinating ruins while surrounded by unique trees and vegetation.
With a bit of luck, you will also have a close encounter with typical animals of the area and learn to recognize their tracks.

For this excursion, you will be able to choose from one of the many itineraries that Veronica proposes or meet her in person at Villa la Bianca and decide together the itinerary that is best for you.