Carrara, about 30 km from Villa La Bianca is a beautiful city, lying between the Apuan Alps and the coast with Marina di Carrara,refined and elegant seaside resort with well-equipped beaches. The city is the ideal destination for any type of tourism, thanks to the exceptional variety of its territory. Carrara is famous throughout the world for its fine white marble that is extracted from the quarries of the Apuan Alps since Roman times. The town is full of workshops, where the marble is cut into slabs, to realize carved statues and other objects. Carrara has a very ancient history: the first settlements in the territory date back to the ninth century BC, when the area was inhabited by the Apuan-Ligurian tribes who dominated the area until the arrival of the Romans.

The Tuscan city presents various monuments and places of special interest, among which are: Piazza Alberica,elegant square surrounded by magnificent buildings; the Cathedral of St. Andrew, with its Romanesque-Gothic architecture, completely covered by a white marble mined in nearby quarries; the Animosi Theatre, which hosts major theatre events in Carrara;Palazzo Cybo Malaspina, a complex of buildings consisting of an early medieval castle and a Mansion; and the Civic Museum of marble, a small museum documenting the culture of marble in the city.

As for the kitchen, among local specialties it is worth mentioning: the taglierini with beans, the Tordelli Carrarina style, the stuffed mussels, the chestnut cake and the carrarina rice cake.