Massa, only a little more than 20km from Villa La Bianca, is a splendid city in the north-west of Tuscany, positioned at the mouth of the small Frigid river valley, about 5 km from the Tyrrhenian Sea. The city, famous as a seaside resort, has a rich history demonstrated by numerous churches and Renaissance buildings in its wonderful territory. Massa, which experienced its heyday as the headquarters of the Princes Cybo Malaspina, also retains a charming old town, ideal for a walk in search of monuments and interesting places.

Although damaged by bombing during the Second World War, Massa has interesting monuments, among which we highlight: the Malaspina Fortress, a magnificent medieval fort situated on a hill, which dominates the town center of the city of Massa; Ducal Palace, also named the Red Palace today is the headquarters of the Prefecture, was built between the XVI and XVII century and has a brightly colored facade overlooking piazza degli Aranci, and the Cathedral, the most important religious building of the town, which houses various works of art. Other places of interest are: Pietro Pellegrini Botanical Garden, located in Pian della Fioba, the diocesan Museum housed in the building of the Cadets and the Apuane ethnologic Museum.

Regarding the cuisine, Massa offers several tasty dishes, among which stand out: Polenta “encajata” covered with tomatoe sauce and cheese, delicious Lasagne Tordellata, meat filled Tordellli from Massa, fine noodles with beans and marinated codfish.