Approximately 60 km from the Villa, Montemarcello is a pretty village overlooking the Caprione headland, the Gulf of La Spezia, the Versilia coastline and the estuary of the Magra river. The village, which is a hamlet of the Liguria town of Ameglia, is nestled in the Regional natural park of Montemarcello-Magra, a protected area that includes a wide variety of micro environments and extraordinary natural importance. For nature lovers there are many trekking itineraries within the park: ranging from the classic route that goes from Montemarcello to Tellaro from the alternative route along the final part of the Vara river, from Padivarma to Beverino

Of notable interest are the Botanical Gardens of Montemarcello, a delightful natural oasis comprising a miniature catalogue of the headland flora divided into 5 areas: garigue, Mediterranean scrub, Aleppo pine, oakwood and traditional plants. This village has ancient origins and walking in the town is like passing through centuries of history. Listed as one of Italy’s most beautiful villages, Montemarcello has architectural elements of historical value, including: the 15th Century gate of the city; and the Church of San Pietro, also 15th Century, where you can find works of exceptional artistic value, such as the 1529 marble triptych attributed to Domenico Gar and a 14th Century wooden triptych. As for the gastronomy a must is boiled octopus