Pisa is famous all over the world for its leaning Tower, but the Tuscan town offers many wonderful monuments that deserve to be visited. The city, of ancient origin, not only presents a wonderful artistic and historical heritage, but is also immersed in fantastic natural surroundings and landscapes. Pisa, maritime Republic in the past and, for over two centuries, undisputed master of the Mediterranean, has numerous buildings, monuments and museums that bear witness to its interesting history. The heart of Pisa is the splendid Cathedral Square, so beautiful that it also known as the Square of Miracles, which represents the most important artistic and tourist centre of the city. The square, declared in 1987 UNESCO World Heritage Site, contains a unique charm thanks to the many masterpieces that can be seen, in fact, in the Square of Miracles there is: the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, the marvellous medieval cathedral in Pisan Romanesque style, the Monumental graveyard, where the most illustrious characters of Pisa are buried and according to tradition, was built on sacred land brought into the city by the Crusaders from Mount Golgotha in the Holy Land.

However, Pisa isn’t just the Square of Miracles, in fact, it has several artistic and historical buildings scattered around the city, including: the Church of Saint Steven of the Knights, designed by Giorgio Vasari and where you can admire masterpieces by artists such as Vasari, Jacopo Ligozzi, Alessandro Fei and Jacopo Cimenti; the Clock Palace, ancient medieval building protagonist of Dante's Divine Comedy; the beautiful little church of Santa Maria della Spina and many other buildings of particular interest. Very interesting are also the ancient city walls, the overall view of the Arno River with wonderful historic buildings and beautiful mural "Tuttomondo" created by Keith Haring.