at Relais Villa La Bianca

The park, about one hectare, is the space of the Villa that has always been appreciated by our guests: it offers fresh and shaded greenery where you can walk among the great medlar and the oaks. Enjoy the sun with a fresh drink from our garden bar or sit and read, simply listening to the silence of nature.

del Relais Villa La Bianca

Two large pools, not too deep, to cool off during the day, with a dip and a swim. Warm up in the sun on the comfortable loungers, equipped with towels and pillows, on the green lawn all around.
To end the day, nothing is better than having a drink while the sunset makes Mount Prana blush.

at Relais Villa La Bianca

After spending your day swimming and walking in the park you can rest and relax in the large covered veranda or rest under the great secular plane trees shading the terrace, where comfortable seats and tables are the location for your wi-fi contact with the world.
All meals, to try the delicacies of our chef, can be served both in the large internal rooms of the restaurant and in the wide-open common areas.

Passeggia nel Relais Villa La Bianca

Immerse yourself in the spaces of Villa La Bianca and let yourself be carried away by the emotions of silence and nature